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Lady Rose Thorne

Sensual, erotic and dominating. I am the beautiful, sophisticated and powerful woman of your fantasy.


I understand who you are and what you need. I know the words you long to hear. I know your secret desires. You dream of being overwhelmed by a beautiful, sophisticated and powerful woman. You want to be aroused by my expensive perfume as I subdue you with leather and chains. You want to be seduced by my soft voice as I pinch your nipples with my fingernails. You want to be teased by my slim supple body as I slap your bare bottom.

Sensual, erotic and dominating. I'm the femme fatale of your fantasies: The arrogant CEO in stilettos and strap-on. The bordello madam in garters and stockings. The naughty stepmother in latex and boots. I love to intimidate my underlings, and seduce young men. Or perhaps I'm simply your unattainable mistress who allows you to worship her feet, - if you are my obedient slave.

Are you a naughty little boy? I will put you over my knee and give you the spanking you deserve. Are you a sissy slut? I will dress you in silky slips and frilly panties. Are you a pain puppy? I will slap your balls until they throb.

Tell me your fantasy and I will free you from your daily life of competence and control. Do you yearn for a beautiful woman to control your mind and body? Do you need a tight rope around your cock… a golden shower splashing on your balls… or must I do even more to totally possess you? [Click the link below for uncensored information at my website regarding erotic domination.]

Tell me your secrets and I will take you beyond the limitations of the masculine role. Tell me your desires and I will create a sensual experience that is more erotic than you have ever known.

My sessions can be intensely sexual although I do not have sex with you. If you are a beginner, my charm and good humor will persuade you to reveal your darkest secrets. If you are experienced, we will attempt to quench your every thirst, - even the unconfessed.

Brainy, beautiful and naturally superior. The real thing… Simon

Donna Reed in stilettos!... Ken

I want to say that I love being able to know a woman like You. I appreciate Your looks, Your brains, Your feminine ways, and Your strong will. Basically, I adore Your WASP-y Princess ways Billy

I would have done anything for you last night. That was the most thrilling spanking of my life. Still re-living it in my head… Jason

It is nice to be humbled by a woman who is really strong, - for real. Being caught between your legs which were very long and smothered with perfume was captivating. The scissor and sitting holds put me over the edge (especially when you tweaked my nipples). The reverse head-scissor pin was amazing and so arousing. The torture bed with the rubber sheets and restraints coupled with the warm room was awesome. My head is still spinning from the most wonderful session I have ever experienced Froggy

I am the ultimate A-type personality who is always in charge. Because of this I recognize my need to have my power stripped on occasion by a classy, articulate and provocative woman like you Michael

I finally got to realize my fantasy, the unsuspecting lone traveler, captured and dominated by a clever, beautiful and dominate woman. You are a REALLY GOOD role-player! You truly are Cat woman- the black stockings, the black bodysuit, and THE MASK! Your play was so genuine and intuitive, it didn't feel like a performance at all. You truly were in control... The effects of our session yesterday remain quite strong today. The GS finale was such an incredible erotic experience, particularly when you rubbed your foot over my soiled chest and then into my mouth, tasting your golden nectar! I truly appreciate all your preparation for the session Furry Red Mouse

I felt very relaxed in your expert hands and achieved a level of pleasure beyond my fondest dreams. You seem to know exactly what I wanted and needed!... Tom

Privacy, elegance, consummate skill, spiced with an endearing coquettish humor slave frank

"From the moment when you explained why it was OK for me to be examined by a female doctor and told me to take off all my clothes, I was totally into it. I felt fear and nervousness but at the same time I really loved it, even though I was completely naked in front of a woman whom I just met for the first time. I thought I would be able to keep myself from being aroused right away but I was semi-aroused from the moment you took off my underwear. You have a beautiful apartment so I was embarrassed to have made such a mess on your floors. I really enjoyed when you took the measurements of my dick and balls. Making plans to put me on display for all those female urologists was a nice touch. It was a relief to untie myself when I got home. It was definitely an unforgettable experience Phil

It was a fantastic journey you took me on yesterday. You knew what I craved as well as how much I was afraid to explore that dark path... Tom

I've found a domme with intelligence and sophistication Barry

My studio at 57th and Park Avenue in New York is conveniently located near your office for lunchtime or after-work sessions. It is immaculate and exceptionally private for those clients who require complete discretion. A shower is available for your use.

You may email me for further information about my sessions: click the Email link below.